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Ive got my septum, tongue, nipples and dick pierced. I have a tattoo across my shoulders and back that says "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". A fucking wicked skull on my arm with a Gemini sign because I was born in June and the sign for Gemini is twins (I'm a twin) My twin brother has the same tattoo. The skull pilot from the front cover of War is the answer on my arm.

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lobes, cartilage and peace sign tattooo on ankle

bridge, stretched ears (18mm) and two lip piercings. Not so impressive compared with others here haha

I just added a lip piercing

Just have my nose pierced and shit ton of earrings at the moment. No tattoos yet, hopefully the new year brings ink soon.

Oh yeah! I just got dermal teardrops two days ago :D

I had to take out all my piercings when I joined the military.I still keep in a 0 gauge, because it closes up nice when I have my drill weekends.

Here is a summary of what piercings I had:

My left ear had a 1/2 inch in it, and a piercing through the conch part. (I'm not sure if that's the technical name for it.)

My nipples

My nose

My scrotom. (just the skin.) That one was legit. =D

I have a bouncing souls tattoo on my chest, with a giant anchor behind it. A week from Friday, I'm getting it relined. I'm also going to add to it a week from Friday. This is what's getting added: 2 ships where people usually get swallows. A banner across my collar bones with the word Hopeless on it.

Left Arm: I have a Black Flag tattoo, a Pinkerton Thugs tattoo, and a skull with the sugar skull markings on it, surrounded by roses. It's a skull though, not a traditional sugar skull. Matter of fact, I'm going to throw a pic of the drawing my friend did of it.  (That's getting turned into a sleeve, and the other two are getting covered up.)

On my right arm, I have Paul Simonon smashing his bass (London Calling cover) with music notes coming from the bottom of it, wrapping around my arm, to my elbow. I'm adding the words "Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio" down one side, and "When I've got the music, I've got a place to go" up the other side. This is the only one my mom likes. =D

Snake bites, and a 6g Segmented permanent anodized sergical grade stainless steel ring in each ear >=D shit aint coming out for any employer


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