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Ive got my septum, tongue, nipples and dick pierced. I have a tattoo across my shoulders and back that says "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". A fucking wicked skull on my arm with a Gemini sign because I was born in June and the sign for Gemini is twins (I'm a twin) My twin brother has the same tattoo. The skull pilot from the front cover of War is the answer on my arm.

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Hm, well I've had my cheeks pierced, my smiley, stretched ears, cartilage, and nose and I've got 4 tattoos and monday I'm going to get my half sleeve finished ^^

thats badass


well thanks! After about a week though, my cheeks were rejected so i don't have those, and my smiley was knocked out at a Flogging Molly show. Haha, hurray bloody mouth :)
I have 2 septums (both 3,2mm, the first one have been 6mm, and i'm stretching up again), 6 nostrils, bridge, angelbite, medusa, snakebite, vertical snakebite, 4mm centrelabret (stretching it to 6mm or 8mm) nipples, 35mm stretched ears (have been 45, and going up again after the winter) 2x 6mm second earholes, 3,2mm third ear hole, industiral, and 4 helixes (have had 68909 other piercings)
I have got a septum, 00g and 2g plugs on both ears, I used to have my conch pierced too. my leg has a bunny snake with ray ban sunglasses and questionmarks. and I have an om in a sun on the top of my left wrist.
fuckn a man.....i got lobes at 1 inch but going bigger, 3 in lower lip at 6gu, septum pierced, nostril tunnels at 00gu, nips at 6gu, got a frenum in my dick an a 2 gu PA an got a 4gu ring in my ball bag. also got tounge split an wanna next get each side of touge pierced with door knockers

I have septum, labret, dimples, nipples pierced. My ears are stretched to 3/4" and I have 5 tattoos, some runes, skulls, baphomet, and an ankh.
not atm but I'll upload some in the future
the only piercing i have now are in my ears, but i used to have eyebrow, navel, tounge, lip(x2), monroe, both anti-tragus,and both nipples. tattoo: i have a jolly roger with fairy wing on the top of my foot, a coffin with butterfly wing that says live fast die pretty on my back, a lame ass vampire bite on my neck that i really need to get covered, and a red heart and purple heart with my kids names in them on my forearm.
7 piercings: 3 in my lips(snakebites and a labret), 1 tongue, 1 nosering, 2 eyebrow! and also 6 earrings and an earplug. I had a 'Christina piercing', but I dont have it right now. (Maybe I will have it again in the future..)
 I have got only 1 tatto, but I'm looking for some more piercings and tattoos, I love them!
Piercings: Ear lobe. Used to have labret, double nostril, anti eyebrow, nipple, ear top, helix. Took them all out as they got infected (Drunken scungey bathroom home-jobs for the win!)
Tattoos: "Live Free" tattooed across my knuckles, intending on getting "Til I die" added under it sooner or later, Scorpion on my right wrist, Virgin Mary on the inside of my right fore-arm, a coffin with a skeleton fist punching out of it on the right outer forearm, A reaper skull with a noose around a skeleton which is breaking the rope with "Never Surrender" written under it on my right bicep and shoulder and finally a skull and crossed bleeding scars with "Rise above" written above and under it on my left shoulder. I have a thing for skulls and bones.

4 going up earlobe, smiley,going to get double nostrils, tongue and and industrial, left ear.


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