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Ive got my septum, tongue, nipples and dick pierced. I have a tattoo across my shoulders and back that says "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". A fucking wicked skull on my arm with a Gemini sign because I was born in June and the sign for Gemini is twins (I'm a twin) My twin brother has the same tattoo. The skull pilot from the front cover of War is the answer on my arm.

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I have viperbites (like brody from the distillers), nose, smiley, left nipple, and ears stretched to 3/4

Lippiercing, six in me left ear(letters with me name) and 2 in the right ear.

And ill get an industrial piercing thursday.

And planning on septum, 3 bellybutton, and an surface on me left boob.

split tongue, 9mm septum, 10mm lobes, industrial, and eyebrow, along with about 20 hrs of tattoo work. 

I have my nipples, ears stretched to 9/16ths or 5/8ths... plus two other ear piercings, nose, labret, eyebrow, an AFI demonbat tat on my leg, Korn issues doll on leg, System of a Down mushrooms on leg, a  XXX alcohol bottle on leg, MSI tentacle unicorn pony throwing up stars on left forearm, and a gentlemen skeleton guy with cane, umbrella, gold tooth, and pipe on my right forearm.

Tongue, snake bites, ears (7/16), nose, & more to come.
3 tattoos to be continued (:

i have the web under my tongue pierced and a zombie pinup tattoo on my chest

I got a bridge, industrial, eyebrow, and I used to have a labert.

i have pierced
2 in my left nipple
4 in my lip
toungue stretched to a 4mm
left ear stretched to a 32mm
right ear stretched to a 52mm
septum stretched to a 14mm

rad! I'd wish for a 14mm septum :D getting it done soon! (punch or something) :DD

I love my tats.  Defines me.  I have seberal.  Including my basenall team fave, the Detroit 'D'

Hmmm.  No piericings (well I do have an earring).  But I do have ink!  Fave is the old fashioned 'D" on my my left arm (OK, so I'm a D Trigers fan).  Also have custom tribals on my sleeves.

Quick update!! :D 6 nostrils, one septum (took the front one out and might getting it punched to 10mm or something) bridge, angelbite, medusa/philtrum, snakebite, vertical snakebite, 5mm center labret (going to 6mm i a while and maybe 10mm or something later on) nipples, Right ear: 36mm lobe 6mm second hole, 4mm third hole, industrial and a helix... Left ear: 36mm lobe 8mm second hole and 3 helixes....AND THATS IT....for now :D oh and i also have a little tick and poke upside down cross on me leg and a scarificated star on my hand (:



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