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thats me with my sector 9 BINGIN and nick with his loaded DERVISH, which is probly my favorite board

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my buddy levi tryin out my loaded fish
nah thats a loaded fish

do you knwo what its called?
yeah i have watched all the loaded vids they rock
but i know my shit and like i just said its not a ceviche its called a loaded fish, there was also i limited edition one with silver graphic on the bottom
its all good, ive had that same argument wiv someone in person it was retarded haha
man the dervish is well worth it the best board i have ever riddeen specially with the 180°s and orangatang wheels
yeah man i got mine by chance, the skate shop we have here is 20 mins out of town and they usually only had over priced sector 9, but i went in and they had just got a shipment of loaded boards and i say the dervish i was like im buyin that and shes like you wanna look at it first i was like noope i want it before anyone touches it lol
it cost me 340 bucks plus the 80 dollar orangatangs but soooo worth it i wore the grip down in 3 months haha, and i havent ever bailed and its so stable i havent gotten speed wobbles

my boards!!
startin from the top: loaded fish, sector 9 bingin, arbor koa fish, loaded fish
i know i have ppl here be like do you hate skateboarders and im like no why would i...
but yeah ppl are ignorant towards them because theyre kind of new at least on this side of the world in canada they were originally made in hawaii as big kahuna boards and like california and places lots of people around here are like lognboard wtf is that..
Ive gotta AWESOME Santa Cruz thats almost as tall as me (and I'm not short)! I'll post some pics, and I've kept it in pretty good condish.
thats awesome!
i love lonnnngboards haha
ive been wanted a loaded dancer to learn how to cross step and shiit
I'm hoping to get a loaded Dervish or Vangaurd soon. I like the springyness in the deck.
yea i like bamboo boards as well always a good choicee
i loove my dervish to pieces its an awesome board
Yeah, I ride my friends when I get the chance. It's so smooth. He has the orangutangs on it too. Great ride.
I dont know if my boyfriends up for buying me a dervish though.. So I might get a cheaper sector 9, but go with a bamboo deck


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