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Ok. i got  this problem ive noticed it rarely but ever since ive actuly goten more into the hardcore scene ive noticed that all punks argue about what make you punk. what the fuck ACTULY make you punk. i thought it was all about being free, hanging out having fun with the people who will always be there for you.

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I totally agree with that, No 2 punks should be the same, its all about uniqueness.

agreed, Independence and freedom

Punk is a state of mind.

i agree haha  punk =music/fashion nd mad true most punks/real punks look alike hahaha

cheese-its....that makes a punk punk.....chesse-its and hot sauce if your the punkest of the punx......n if you really wanna go to the extream get your self some cheese-wiz to put on the cheese-its and hot sauce XP

FUCK IT!, that's the best way to describe punk, I think. Just fuck it all dude.

Punk is an attitude, punk is about rebellion, freedom, doing what you want! Mohawks and style are expressions of the punk attitude, but the most important thing is how you think!

With freedom of body and mind you will meet resistance its about telling that mother fucka and everyone like to kiss your fucking ass because you dont give a flying fuck what anybody thinks if you do something for somebody its because you want to nothing more nothing less, its all about doing what you want no matter what
I THINK walking around with your dick out... I dont know for sure though.

I like to jam out with my clam out... 


am i punk yet? :/

you're so punx boogle! dont let anyone tell you otherwise...
I don't think its style or hair at all. But like others say, state of mind. how you think. the music alone doesn't make you punk. And all those people that try to be punk are just fakes to me cuz I don't think you should have to try to be punk. It's just in you deep down man.


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