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Ok. i got  this problem ive noticed it rarely but ever since ive actuly goten more into the hardcore scene ive noticed that all punks argue about what make you punk. what the fuck ACTULY make you punk. i thought it was all about being free, hanging out having fun with the people who will always be there for you.

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Thats basically it for the ones who don't make music.
damn robert u tell it how it is and i agree man

I'll guess it's the attitude, some views on society, religion, politics, a certain personal freedom and independence from the norms, the lifestyle (which includes what you look like), the music, your reasons to do those things you do etc. Or, rather, the combination of all these things and many more. It's whatever makes any subculture and no human being has to be a perfect *insert noun here* to be considered an *insert same noun* by him- or herself and/or others. That's what I remember from sociology class, but I'll also admit to being a complete amateur when it comes to labeling groups of people. Still, it is well known to me that people who dared to do some things differently were sometimes the ones who redefined those things, so enjoy the ride. I don't see many reasons to argue about those things too much, over-thinking can kinda kill what you're trying to define.


P.S. I'm not a punk. I'm a black-metal-loving, black-stuff-wearing, cat-worshiping, homosexual, vegetarian, anti-religious, politics-hating, genderqueer, misanthrope-ish... whatever.

It's not being "who you are" because all subcultures seem to say that. It's a love of punk music, plain and simple. There are punks with all kinds of beliefs on every conceivable topic, who dress differently and think differently. It's the music that unites them.

alright thank you. your replay make the most sence

But there's also different types of punk music - some people who listen to it aren't considered punk and don't really wanna be associated with it.

to me its an out looki myc ouisin who raised me patrtly it isa whole way  of life fer him

how bout to put it truthfully

1. Its doing whatever you wanna do!

2. Whenever you want to!!

3. however you want to!

4. and with whoever you want to!


i like that one


Meeeee too! =)


in my opinion, each punk is their own unique thing. YOU define what makes you punk, no one else.


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