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Ok. i got  this problem ive noticed it rarely but ever since ive actuly goten more into the hardcore scene ive noticed that all punks argue about what make you punk. what the fuck ACTULY make you punk. i thought it was all about being free, hanging out having fun with the people who will always be there for you.

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ohhh i agree
yeah i love punk music but then the fashion too cos im really arty and it gives me an excuse to show off my DIY clothes :)
Punk is what you make it. If you let others idealistic "this is how punk should be" viewpoints define you then it defeats the purpose. Do it your way and tell everyone else to fuck off!


i reckon its a dedication to the music, fashion and lifestyle. if your actually proud to be punk, its all about commitment really. true punk aint blink 182 though :/ or MCR like some emo wannabe punx think... >_>


btw, (that werent aimed on anyone here, just i know this girl that changes from scene to punk - skin -emo back to scene >_> and she pisses me off)

its about freedom from what society dictates, and the right to question it and not accept it. its not about clothes and hair, although that became a symbol of what it stood for,(going against the norm)  but then people decide to focus on just that.
Question everything, speak out against wrong in society, etc.Basically about freedom and what is right and fair. this will make a lot more sense when i take more than 20 seconds to type it!
It's the confidence to do what you want regardless of social stigma.

It's learning to do things for yourself, make things yourself, and applying creativity to all parts of your life.

It's the pursuit of truth behind the facade of bullshit.

Confidence, creativity, knowledge and simplicity. Thats what it is for me.
its being yourself having fun and listening to great music

punk is a lifestyle, not a hairstyle.


If you can buy it at a mall, or if clear channel is involved, or it's on TV, I have the feeling it is a corporation romanticizing the most appealing parts about punk to sell it.


I believe that punk in an ideal form would be one that strives to break barriers, the status quo, and a way to say NO. (heh it rhymes). Also, good actions and compassion for human beings. DIY as well. 


Idealogical differences tend to split up the scene or something like that.


but it just so happens that mohawks are awesome and we all have one. Derp

like it

being a true punk means to not give a fuck about anything you do what you want when you want and dont let any pig barriers stop you break every barrier those pigs put up. being punks not about how tall your hawk is or how many patches you have on your jacket

being punk is about drinking beer, being a hypocrite, and spray painting stray dogs. 


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