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What are some funky, punky, edgy hairstyles you have rocked in the past or rocked now other than a mohawk? Or even different versions of your mohawk.


Pictures are always awesome!


I'm currently in a fuzzball/chelsea stage again and really would appreciate some different styles to give some inspiration to me (and other) current non-mohawkers. 

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Hm, looks interesting. I find that it would be more difficult to have a short wig. It looks less realistic, especially if you can't spend a lot.
I just rocked really really long hair before my hawk. I had a "death hawk" but got bored so shaved my sideburns and made it thinner.
The last time my hair was really long was middle school. O.o
My boyfriend is half black have white right now too, just not as long.

I had this sort of hair most of the time, and then I got it all cut off one day.:D


(this is my kitty, Kon. by the way(:)




You are cute too. 


:D I like it. Are you still putting color in it?


and thanks again!:D


and yes, I recently got it re-cut into a mohawk again, and its blue and green with blonde sides. :D

Oooooh fancy!


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