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I adopted my first pair or rats today. They are absolutely adorable, they are two females. Betty Page is black and white and Marilyn Monroe is beige and white. 

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And I'm sure there are similar topics, but all I remember is one specifically for dogs.

I have 5 cats, Havoc, Bruce, Spazz, Caboose and Tex, all female lol. I also have a pleco, golden gecko and a ball python. We're looking to find a new home for our python though and looking into getting another iguana.

My derby number was 1/2 because of RvB

That's funny, I have a cat named Caboose who's the son of Tucker who's the mother of Tex who's the sister of Church who's also female. On topic I also have a dog named cinnimon, about six more cats and a pig named pig.

i have a mini zoo :)

3 cockatiels (boy-pepito, girl-spice, girl-jam)

8 parakeets (no names)

3 mini poodles (my old boy-cepillin, my young boy Tiny weeny, girl-princess)

3 cats (old boy-nemo, young guy-vagabundo, and my girl-manchitas)

3 ferrets (my big boy-sir wallace, my old girl-ripley, and the the other girl-BOO)

3 bettas (juanito, panchito, and lupito)

no more rodents, reptiles, bunnies :(

I only have 1 cat, Jesse (black and white) and a miniature schnauzer, Lizzie.  Used to have fish (no names) and a bearded dragon called godzilla.

I have a cat that doesn't have a name. I've just been referring to him as "Big Black" because he's muscular and dark flat black. He weighs 26 pounds, I'm sure he'd somehow make his way into the Guinness Book Of World Records

Haha I love the picture. 

I used to have two cats.

i have 5 Dalmation dogs , heres Harry the youngest . he's a brown spotted dalmation.. 

Dawwwwww! So cute!

I heard Dalmations were mean, is that true?



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