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some one gave me a link to this "fashion! site and said to me why wont you wear dresses like these and dress like this and i clicked into it and this is what i find:


2 :


they are orange! ORANGE. 

sorry would rather look like this and be happy and at peace with my self and feel good in my skin and love the way i look than look orange and like a hoe from jersy shore. that is supposed to be a proper professional site and whats worse is the 3rd link is the dress that the person recommended and said the model looks great in. 

WTF why are people so fucking retarded, i mean i dont say to peoples faces that they look like sluts or that they need to go home and have a bath till they dont look like sunshine. gsus, man why? just why? why can't people leave guysandgals with hawks alone and stop fussing about the safety pins and anarchy signs?



rant i know,. but had to get it out there. 

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Don't be hatin' on the Oompa Loompas!
they are hideous.


 Get the dresses, and wear your docs, spikes, chains and mohawk with it.


  Blow up the idea at their face.

thats actually a good idea... I've been meaning to buy some floral summer dresses to wear with my boots and studded jacket. 


then wear my hawk up and clomp around bragging about how much i look like a pretty princess. :P

Wow, that's an awesome idea.

You should do it :))

i never understood why people do that. 


I always have these issues whenever dating guys, they'll say shit like "you're so pretty/cool but if you'd grow out your hair/dress more feminine then you would be way more attractive" 

well you know, those guys were pretty cool as well... maybe if they'd be less of a douchebag i'd find them more attractive too.



its like... Why the FUCK did you start talking to me in the first place? do you really think it would be that easy to change a girl who shaves her fucking head? obviously if i a girl is running clippers along the side of her head she's not going to give a shit if people think she is pretty or not, thats why punk chicks are so damn sexy. 


and if you were to get me to wear some hideous oompa loompa dress and have "normal" hair do you really think i would be happy when i looked in the mirror? no, i'd be fucking miserable, but everyone else would be happy because they're selfish assholes who only care about looking good. 


oh and my favorite... when i get offended they'll usually reply with. "well shit boogle, its just clothes/hair" and I'm like "well if its just clothes/hair then why is it such a big deal that i need to change that?"


so yeah... ive totally been meaning to rant about that as well. You're not the only sexy punk rock chick who gets shit for being yourself. Fuck those people. 

Fuck Yeah!  


I dated this guy and every time i had my hair down he'd make sure to mention how glad he was that i had my hawk down. 


It seems like people try to involve themselves WAY too much with how others look, rather than just letting them be happy with who they are.



Just let them be happy you know? 

If a girl looks in the mirror, and feels like she looks like a million bucks... then why would you want to change that? who cares if she has weird hair, if she feels sexy then shes:

1. happy and generally more fun to be around

2. more likely to sleep with you more. 


most guys/girls i know like sex... so if guy/girl + look that he/she wants = happy ≈ feels sexy = more sex. 



I feel like i should put this on a billboard or something... because most people seem really misinformed. 

dude u hit the nail on the fuckn head bro....or should i got ya rod aiming in the rite fuckn direction....fuck yea
no,,,wait do guys really say that to you? are they undercover homosexuals? I was replying to what Boggle said about the guy saying be more feminine thing, some men are just fucking stupid

hah, yeah like all the time. 

as for their reasoning for it... i dont know man, maybe they aren't skilled enough to get in/past jeans so they chase skirts? 

Some people are idiots and care too much about what their friends think. i've had guys try to make up excuses for their friends when they questioned my looks, things like "well she's just really creative" or "she is one of those art kids". why can't he just say "yeah, its pretty sexy isn't it?".  


my ex pulled some bullshit once where he said that he was taking me out to a nice place for dinner so i needed to wear a nice dress and heels. we get into the restaurant and everyone is in a t-shirt and shorts and were all staring at me. 

It was humiliating, and when i told him how embarrassed i was he just leaned back in his chair, smiled, and said "they're just jealous because my girlfriend is hot". 

I leaned across the table and said ".... Eat SHIT."


Its ridiculous, the only people who i run into who are cool with it are people who attend industrial clubs or guys who are way too old for me who were around back in the day when punk was really alive and kicking. 

old guys love me haha, they say i remind them of the girls they used to kick it with back in the day. :D


I'm kind of still waiting around for some guy to come along who will accept me for who i am. Unfortunately only cool people exist on the internet. :/

I like wearing dresses.... But not those. I like those lacy white summer dresses that show your butt when the wind picks up.

Kinda more like... easy access when your having drinks outside....


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