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I've seen many leopard prints, biohazard signs, band names, and stripes, but what was your favorite or best dye style?

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i've never seen it, but i'd like to get polka dots.a red fan with white dots. heheh

Like this?
But polka dots?

My friend said that he bleached his hair and put a blow dryer to it for a while, then bleached it another 2 times to get the white.
And that the red faded to pink in a about a week, maybe a little less.
whoa, yeah!!! if i bleached my hair that much it would fall out
I don't think that it would fall out, but it would be slightly fried. =/

As long as you take good care of it I think it'd look stellar on you!
the one in my pic
that's pretty sweet. my friend and i were going to do the checkerboards in pink and blue, but his hair was too dark and when we bleached it blonde we both thought he looked better blonde so we'll see how long that lasts.
lol it takes for ever to dye the checkerboard! My friend dyed it for me luckily. It lasted a couple weeks, but then again when I used to dye my hair I'd hardly wash it.
my fav was a lime green fan with black tips with little led flashing lights put in it for christmas , looked like a christmas tree on me head :) pictures comming soon as I return to Australia
I used to dye my sides zebra/tiger striped, but I really don't have any pictures where it's visible/well done.
But I'm hoping to do it again this weekend now that I have enough hair for it again and will probably take some pictures.
My favourite was a rainbow mohican that quickly came to be dubbed "the Queerhawk." I wore it for the better part of a week before it got too knackered and had to be washed out. Big thankyous to Jackyboy for the colour job :D
you might be able to use a women's bikini line razor. they usually are built into combs as a safety feature, but it could work. good luck with it.
lets see my checkerboard,spider web,cards,dice,joker,stars and all the other shit that ive had


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