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People always ask wat would happen if they cut my hair off. i dont rele know, probably beat the fuck out of them, but i did have a nightmare a couple days ago about it gettin cut off by sum kid i dnt know. got me thinkin, does this happen to anyone else? lol

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It's hair, it grows I love having a Chelsea so id get over it pretty quick.
id get pissed and beat them black n blue just cos no one touches my hair i cut my own hair so basicly i dont mind the part of it gettin cut just sumone else doin it well it pisses me off
Ha skin the hand that was used then dip the hand in alcohol and salt then wrap it up so they don't bleed out.
I just don't like being touched. :P
Well, if anybody's that offended by hair to cut it without permission, I doubt they'd do anything other than bitch and moan about it. Seeing as how I don't have a hawk anymore, I guess jokes on them. But then what, was it they cut off?
I'm a very peaceful and patient guy and I can take a tremendous amount of crap before I loose my cool.BUT if someone cut my hair while I was sleep,''SHORYUKEN''!! I wouldn't dragon punch them because they cut my hair it would be because of the level of disrespect,it someone could do that, they have absolutely no respect for you so in turn they get their ass whooped,like I said its not the hair its the respect



I'd cut theirs off. People don't seem to think that's an equal trade just because there's less hair on my head.
That would be fun :D! But I'd probably cut them some kind of 'anti-hawk' = cut only the part of their hair that they cut off me. Leaving the sides untouchable :D
*Untouched. I can write, of course (not)!
haha my roommate joked about switching my shampoo with nair so i told him if he ever fucked with my hair i would go to his closet and cut every single sleeve off his shirts
hahaha nice

if you're going to be cutting anyone's shirts, just cut the nipples out.


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