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People always ask wat would happen if they cut my hair off. i dont rele know, probably beat the fuck out of them, but i did have a nightmare a couple days ago about it gettin cut off by sum kid i dnt know. got me thinkin, does this happen to anyone else? lol

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and then bleach them hahaha
my mom and sister cut my first mohawk off when i was like 13,  just got kinda pissed  but ti understood that it was just hair and it would grow back
I have nightmares about that sometimes too, im glad u brought that up, i thought i was the only one that worried about getting my hair cut in my sleep. Plus if it happened in my sleep, i wouldnt know who did it. I would be so pissed. I would feel like i got mohawk raped or something.
cut their face off
I would cut part of there hair off and i wouldn't be to upset i am thinking of shaving my head completely anyways i love change with my hair.
hmm well looks like im rockin a shaved head for awhile... might invest in a couple of silly hats :P
id be pissed for sure. theyd prob get a black eye. but also depends on where they cut, if they cut it right at the roots.....yeah id be so fucking pissed. but if its only half, then not so bad

Cut off their balls. (too much?) Then rip their hair out of their scalp

my dad has joked about cutting mine off and i told him that he would wake up even more bald than he already is if he even came near me with a buzzer :p

when i got my first mohawk my dad said that he was going to get me drunk and shave my head while i was passed out in my own vomit. 


I wasn't really sure if he was kidding or not... 

It'd give me an excuse to rock a shitty hair-do :P
Easy: you become a skinhead :)


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