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ppl always ask me "how do u do that" and i just say hairspray n sometimes i get stuck there explaining the process if im not busy. anyone know a faster n better explanation?

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"do what?"

"I dont."

You never have to answer to some stupidass.

haha just say you were born this way, alot faster and gives ppl something to think about how stupid their question was

question..."how do you get that up?"



Stupidass says -"how do you do that"


You say- "magic"


thats what i do anyway they have no idea what to say. or you could do what they do on the movie '40 year old virgin'  and answer there question with a question.


stupidass says "how do you do that"


you say " How do YOU do that"


see if they have an answer to that.

Haaaa im gonna try that
As Wednesday 13 says: "The Devil made me do it, and I'll do it again."
It's usually some combination of Jizz, Unicorn Blood, Pixie Dust and Rainbows. Unless I'm nice then I'll actually just tell them.

"Children's Tears".

Done and, Done.

i usually just say "hairspray"


goat seamen



how do you get it up?



well, that's rather personal, now isn't it?


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