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Just kinda courious cause there's another thread about nicknames and this kind goes with it. Mines Ben. Whats yours? And dont spaz. Ok. Just having some more fuckin fun like we always do. Haha

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Fuck You
Fuck You
Greg well Gregory but only my mum calls me that
My real name is Victoria Naomi. However my texas born, arkansas and tennessee raised mom came up with such a non southern sounding name I'll never know, but I'm glad she did. Most of my friends call me Tori, my clients call me Victoria or V. My boyfriends real given on his license name is Lucky. I know it is on his license because the night I introduced myself to him I asked to see his id as I thought it was a fake name. Turns out, he was named after his dad who has that name.

my name is Anthony, i sometimes go by that or Tony or a shortened version of my middle name Octavius, which is Octy but yeah  there ya go
you could never guess mine

nor would I try


My name is Chasity  N.  Valerio :)  my mom was 15 when she had me and no one in my family quite knows where she got it and she says it was the drugs  but alas its my name.  I don't meet many Chasity's  but every one seems to think my name has two t's in it and say it Chastity
Ah. What a cute name!
Andrew. Shortened to Steve
how do you get steve from andrew ??


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