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When you first got a mohawk, how did you convince your parents??

Well I think I am ready to get a mohawk, but I am finding it hard to get them on board with my decision. I just like the looks of mohawk! I want to know the first time you asked your parents and what was their reaction??

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I just got it done without telling my parents. My mom loved it and my dad hated it but he finally accepts that it's my choice and that im happy with it. So go ahed and do it if you want to. Worst case scenario, you cut it off again.
Tell them it's just hair!
the first time, my dad was shaving my head and i told him i wanted it, my mum laughed.

the second time(the REAL time) i told my parents, didn't ask them or anything, simply told them"im getting a mohawk soon so be ready" and just came home with it. my dad laughed and my mum told me "i swear to god if you get kicked out of school..."
It never really occurred to me to ask.
I was like "mom, shave me a mohawk" and she was like "ok, you're sure this is what you wanna do?" I was like "fuck yea!" and she was like "'kay!"
I didn't ask.
I just know that I would have been told no, so they can't say no if I don't ask, right?
like most, i never ask when i first had one, they hated it but i didnt give a damn, my hawk is one of the most loved thigs in my lifeits part of who i am so after acouple of months they just gave up and didnt bother saying anything about it, well until i coloured it lol, if you really want it, get it, at the end of the day its your hair and life is to short to hold back, just say Fuck It !!!!
No need to ask them, just do it! It's your body and your hair. And if they don't like it, they will get used to it.
i learnt that asking makes things a lot harder.
do i dont ask, just do.
after all. its my bod and its not hueting anyone.

my sister was keee on the idea tho.
i got her to shave my head, out on the deck.
when my dad got home he was like "ohh noes"
not like there was anything he could do.

My mum cried wney my sisters got undercuts at14, so my sister warned her before she saw me.
Well, honestly I had thought about one for a couple years, but always shied away from it. My hairstylist always told me I had the perfect face shape, one of the ones that can pull of any style. One day I kinda fried my hair with bleach and figured that if I had to cut it all off anyways...might as well test her. So I got it done and I totally loved it! I just did it, I didn't ask my parents or anything, and quite honestly they couldnt even tell until I wore it up. I got a thicker hawk to better hide it for work and school because you can always make them thinner if you want later.
i just got my first hawk always wanted one just never did it but im old enough i dont need to ask my moms permission.. but when i was 14 i rocked chelseas, the back was about a inch and the chelseas were about 2ft.. my hair was long and i just chopped it of she didnt even mind.. i actually just whiched from chelseas to the hawk and my mom just adores it..
lol, well for me it went great.

i asked my parents if i could get a Mohawk, and they said hell no. lol so i waited till October for Halloween, and i told them im getting a Mohawk for Halloween, that im going to be a zombie Punk. and they were fine with it. so i cut it and kept it for a few days, and i haven't cut it since, they got used to it after a while. as long as i got good grades they agreed.
I just cut it and they didn't really complain too much.


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