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So I had this Rancid leather studded 3 row pyramid belt since I was 14. I broke it, bought the last one in existence, which was a 28, too small, so I riveted it to the broken one, then some fuck stole it, my fav bondage pants, and my Adidas fleece out of my tent at a music fest. (either that or I got fucked up and naked at some point, both viable options)

So I buy a new belt from some crappy wholesale website, complete garbage. Everywhere I go its complete garbage, too thin, crappy fake leather, small pyramid studs. What the fuck does a guy have to do to get a quality studded belt to scratch the shit out of walls, cars, and anything else I happen to lean on?

where do I get a good leather studded belt? 

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Hey Victor, try or I have bought chokers and wristbands from them and they were good. 


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