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I dig Manic Panic because it has a vegan formula and doesn't
test on animals, but I find that Punky Colour stays in longer and
smells amazing. If there's another brand out there that doesn't
fade as quickly, post it here. My hair doesn't hold colour very
well anymore.

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Smart Beauty hairdye is really good, i dunno if it's a vegan formula but it's really bright and there's loads of colour choices, you can order it online too. Directions is crap! It fades too quickly once your hair stops absorbing colours properly.
Never heard of either but I'll search them up. Thanks. =]

Man I hate it when that happens, especially when I leave my
hair up for a week and when I wash it all the colour's gone.
Was thinking about this yesterday

I use directions, I know people have loads of problems with it but it sticks in my hair for ages. Theres stargazer that my mates use and say it works well too. Both are vegan methinks
Never heard, but sounds sweet. *Googles*
methinks, lol i love uk slang. methinks, methinks, methinks. I'm so using that from now on! Oh yea, dye, I've used Color Fiend, IT SUX, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! It only stayed for 1 measly week. Directions sux methinks. (haha, methinks)
I use RAW from hottopic
Lol we don't have that in Canada. Does it work well?
Yes is the freakin bomb it last soo long
Directions pink shades stay in my hair for fucking ever, atlantic blue tho, that didn't last for very long.
I use special effects, greatest freakin' dye ever, unless you're planning on ever seeing your natural color again before it grows out. But directions is half price of what SFX cost me, so I'm digging that quite a lot, plus if you regret theres a realistic chance of getting it out of your hair again :)
punky colors is hands down my favorite
It's so good, but the pink shades stain so much when I wash it out.
yeah they do.. i use the color rubine and it stains worse then any dye ive ever used but it also lasts longer then any dye ive ever used! the first time i used it my hair was neon pink for about 3-4 weeks then was purple after that. the purple stayed in for about another month before i got tired of it and dyed over it..still dont know how long it would have lasted!

little tip: if you have a stubborn dye that wont come off your skin pour some rubbing alcohol on a washcloth and it will come right off! and clorox bleach works wonders on getting dye off the shower/tub :]


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