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I dig Manic Panic because it has a vegan formula and doesn't
test on animals, but I find that Punky Colour stays in longer and
smells amazing. If there's another brand out there that doesn't
fade as quickly, post it here. My hair doesn't hold colour very
well anymore.

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Use punky color, it's a vegatable base dye, anf it's also not tested on animals.
I had the samething happend to my hair, you just gotta bleach it again, and the dye should stick to your hair alot better.
right now i used ion its meant for more natural hair colors but i picked a dark intense red and it looks amazing!!!! haha lol i've heard manic panic special effects and RAW works well.
i use adore too! the forest green lasts a really long time AND doesnt fry your hair,plus they all smell really good.the pink turns orange though.
Where can you get special effects, punky color, and manic panic? Or any of these I guess lol.
I use Special Effects, mostly. But Punky Colour does smell really good. My friend got some blue once and it smelled like those blueberry markers you have when you're a kid.


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