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I've lurked for a little while and heard a few mentions of White Sands Hair Spray.
I found this video of it used on Youtube:
Check out in the start of the video how it causes a small amount of hair to stick straight up; seems pretty good.
It's probably pretty expensive, think it'd be worth the extra cost?

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it looks good, however the softness might be bad,the amount of stuff a hawk has to go through in a normal day alone is pretty intense, wind and moisture and so on can really hurt it if its really easy to move around and get out.

another problem would be sleeping, i like my hawk being hard as possible so when i sleep, i wake up and its almost the exact same, from the demonstration, it looks like it would fold and you would end up re-doing it the next day.

thats just me though, it looks pretty good though, maby if i see it in store ill pick up a can and see what its like.
Yeah that's a really good point, I didn't think of that.
Maybe it could be a good option for those who want to just stick it up for a day or so and want to keep their hair feeling good.
I've seen it used for kind of fluffing hair up to give it fullness so maybe it could be an an option for those with deathhawks. The softness could be less of a problem given the extra volume of hair in a deathhawk and it would probably only need some maintenance after sleeping if you don't sleep with your head on the back or something.
It also seems like a pretty easy product to use, from what I've seen it will stay up pretty well before heating it, so creating a good deathhawk could be nice and easy.
Just my impressions really; I haven't put my mohawk up but I'm hoping, in the near future, to get together with some friends and have a go at getting it into a deathhawk. It will be quite a feat tho, my hair is quite long and pretty thick.


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