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Whenever I put my hair up I always got a bunch of white stuff all over my hair from the spray. Does this happen to anybody else, or am I just using too much?

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That happens to me with Got2b too. When I used regular hairspray i only got white stuff when it dried and got hit or something. So, I guess it's pretty normal, but then again I put on LOTS of hairspray.
I never have any. o_O
this has happened to me, actually it happened to me yesterday. but it is form using too much in one spot.
That must be it. When I do my hair, I do it thinking I'm gonna leave it up for 50 million years, so my hair has the strength of plywood, but looks like a cross between a spiderweb and semen is over it
ROFL...My girl said the exact same thing to me bout it looking like someone had jizzed on my head. from what i can work out if u spray to close and dont rub the spray into your hair when u dry it, it seems to dry as a foam on the surface of the hair. either spray from further away and just add more layers. or spray close and before drying work the spray through your hair.
I think next time I'll try holding the can further away, that seems to be my best bet
so did my dad-.- lol..
sometimes this happens to me, but its only when i hold the hair spray too close to my hair when i spray it.
Happens to me

Happens to me sometimes. It's either too much at once in one area or you're spraying it too close to your hair.

Or someone's jizzing on your head.

Pretty much what Cpt. Oblivious said, as well as if you leave it in for a while it does it too but that just can't be helped.
i get it with all hairspray, its gross cuz it gets on my hands and behind my ears and smells weird but i get it more with got2b. i think the more you brush it through the less you get, like with gel.


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