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When you got your mohawk done, who did it? Friend? Family? Barber? If a friend or family member did it, how did they get it all even and the style you wanted? Lemme hear it!

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lol i don't have friends who are talented with hair lol I've seen them butcher their own hair, I want no part of that


my roommate at the time cut her sons mohawk and my hair was so butchered by a stylist that i had her cut me my mohawk she did a really good job. the hard part is finding someone in a town of 2,000 people who isnt afraid to cut my mohawk lol
Drunkenly, I let a drunk friend cut mine. And it was little over to the right, so I evened it out myself.

Now my mom helps me shave my head :D
Awww X ) thats nice. I wouldnt trust my bitchass 'mom' near my head with scissors.
well, the first few times i did mine myself (i've cut it into the shape then grown it out multiple times) then by suggestion of a friend i went to a salon and had them do it. she used a tape measure and lots of little clips and mirrors to make sure it was all straight and even but then last minute she hacked the bottom off so i had to fix that when i got home. now i strictly stick to cutting my own. and i use one of those rubbery rulers and little clips for the first cut, and after the shape is down and even i have no trouble keeping it maintained.
i used to cut mine all the time and i was really good with shapping up my hawk and i always used my grandma way mirrors ...ahhh good times but that ways like 3yrs back
i use to shave the front half by myself but i could never do the back in fear of fucking it up so i have a friend trim it he's pretty damn good at it
Some stupidass in jail. I had been growing out my hair for liberty spikes and then one day got ANGRY AT THE WORLD
_ and there, my side hair remained. In the Wilson county cooler...
I got my friend who seems to have ocd to do it i knew she wouldnt cut a thing till it was all perfect and she knew it would be straight.
i do EVERYTHING to my hair myself. Sometimes it doesn't always turn out well (maybe a little lopsided or i miss a spot of color, ex) but then the only person i have to blame for fucking it up is myself. And like with anything the more i do it the better i get at it. The hardest is to cut the back. I either always cut into my hawk or i miss a spot.
I went to a stylist because I wanted to donate my hair to locks of love. I have my mom trim it when it gets too tall to put up easily, and shave the sides myself.


 My first hawk my mom cut.... I was in second grade.


 Second time, I did myself during late middleschool... and it looked pretty ratty. That was sort of the idea originally.


 Havent done one since.. Currently sporting a 'high and tight' (or loose, if its slightly long on top...-shrug-) with long sideburns. I pretty much cut my own hair. I only paid for a haircut ONCE. and the fucking guy messed it up.


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