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When I had mine I got it cut at this hair cutting place and the chick who cut mine messed it up cause she cut the middle way to short.

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My boyfriend used to help me out until I got confident enough to do it myself.  Seriously, just get some clippers and a mirror, and you're good to go.

How often do you trim the sides and what number do u use and how do do u dye ur hair like blue or red

...and leave the colour on for much longer than they recommend to make sure it sticks and is vibrant.  At least for me, my hair does not accept dye well after bleaching.  The dye is usually a conditioner too anyway - oh, yeah, don't use a conditioner before bleaching!  Only shampoo and make sure that shampoo doesn't have built-in conditioner.


Bleaching though is the bit where you should not leave the bleach on too long!  Otherwise you can end up with hair that'll stretch like jelly.

I used to trim whenever the sides got about an inch long... so... however long that took, haha.

I'm all about taking it down to guard 1, though I started out at a 3 I think... I can't remember.

B and Kobalos are dead on: bleach first.  My hair is naturally black, so I actually end up having to bleach it twice (not on the same day!  I usually would let it recoup for a day or two), then use Manic Panic's snow white to tone out the yellow.  Colour dye I actually would leave in overnight sometimes.  The teal I left in for three hours I believe.

My boyyyfraannnnnnn. Sometimes I do myself, but typically we cut each others hair. 8]

That'd be fun!  I kinda want to do someone else's mohawk.

It is actually pretty fun. Recently we have tried some new stuff and are experimenting.

DIY :) It helps if you are ambidextrous! 

I cut it for myself, its not too hard, I can do both sides.

Always done it myself for the most part, though my sister used to help at the back.  Now, I manage it all.  I'd never pay for a haircut and for a lot of my attempts at it, I made a right mess and lived with it. :D

myself :)  unless im getting designs shaved in then i go to a pro (who gives me a kick ass deal!) i love using my dye (KUUL or hidracolor)

I do my boyfriends hawk tho :D  soooooo much fun....even tho i perfer grooming dogs XD

I do it myself



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