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When I had mine I got it cut at this hair cutting place and the chick who cut mine messed it up cause she cut the middle way to short.

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I do it myself withe the most expensive clippers I could find lol, I cant trust anyone else *my requiremnt to let sum1 cut my hair is that they have to be ocd

I cut it my self most of the time

I cut mine myself, I just find it hard to trim the hawk itself down to a certain length without making it choppy and uneven.


When I got my first mohawk, it was one of my girlfriends. Then I wanted trihawk and another girl friend cut that. Then I hated it, and cut chelsea cut on myself. Then I wanted twinhawks and my other girlfriend cut that again. Then I cut it off again and had chelsea cut for a while. Then a third girl friend cut twinhawks on me again. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend cut them off. Now I'm going to have a normal mohawk and when it's long enough, perhaps trihawk with small, small hawks on the sides. Yes!

I cut myself. Razors, not clippers. I trimmed maybe once, and I used a ruler to make sure it was even... :9 I bleach and blow dry my hair too often and it just breaks at the ends, so my hawk never really gets too long. I shave whenever I shower. So, once or twice a week? My hair grows fast though.

I really really want my hawk again so I'm just gonna cut it my self save the money l

Whoever I can get to do it! Usually my sister shaves my sides since she has a side shave so we shave eachothers heads at the same time. Easier that way.


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