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I've noticed that alot of people think that fauxhawks (short hair swooshed up towards the middle) and fake mohawks (people with perfectly normal hair, just 'mohawked' in the middle) consider themselves to have real mohawks.
I've always considered mohawks to be hair shaved, bald, or extremely short on both sides, with a longer strip in the middle-or Chelsea hawks(same, just with bangs and fringe on the sides).

Does this annoy the piss out of anyone else?

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Agree with that.
I feel like they're in the same category as those nylon shirts with tattoo designs on them to make it look like the wearer has a full sleeve of tattoos. It's just a cop out!
Aww, those are the best, right?

Because off-colored, wrinkled fake tattoos are just so "hardcore."

I wish I could be that cool.
i really don't care about what people do with their hair, what bothers me are the "jock hawks". football players who would scoff at me for an actual mohawk, are now shaving their heads into what i call a "landing strip" lol i think its rediculous, when your "mohawk" is a 1/4 inch tall it just looks bad, hence the reason i haven't shaved mine back yet. I shaved my head ritualistically for a long time but now it's getting to the point to where i have hair again, but not enough to form a "proper" mohawk so i'm not going to do anything to embarrass myself lol
Fauxhawks are fail.
Shaved sided mohawks are the real deal.
Yes, I am bothered by faux hawks!! Back in the day it was not uncommon to fuckin scalp a kid and cut his shit off, same for posers and kids who hadn't earned it! But that was a long time ago.
Before I got my hawk I had no problem with fauxhawks and stuff like that but now that I have one, I have to put up with so much shit for it. I live a small overly christian texas town... it sucks. For some reason it just really pisses me off when I get hell for having a mohawk and the preppy little AE boys get nothing for their "hawks" *stupid* It probably wouldn't bother me as much if I didn't have to deal with them everyday in comes summer, mohawk everyday!
Fauxhawks generally make me laugh. like, you see little 4 year olds walking around sporting Mohawks. Come on buddy grows some balls and shave yours. I think I've only ever really seen 4 or 5 fauxhawks that look good and they've pretty much only been on girls.

My god that last attached photo. I just want to club her with a freaking shovel.
i have to admit i once did have a fauxhawk, the only reson why i did before though was due to work i couldnt have a full on mohawk, i know it sounds like an excuse but i would have lost my job if i went for a full on mohawk the worlds not as perfect and open minded as we wish it be. but my fauxhawk did look alright got before and after pics, there is like a whole year gap between my faux and real one!!!
aww, yours isn't bad. It actually looked pretty charming.
I agree, you had full intentions and clearly ended up doing a Mohawk. It's when people just do the fauxhawk cause they think its cool that it bugs me.
It depends, most of the time I don't care, just cause I don't like it when people try to tell me what to do with my hair, why should I tell them what to do with theirs?

Even though I honestly think fauxhawks look quite lame.


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