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I know when everyone begins to rock a Mohawk its short at length, but you dont cut it and wait for it to grow.
But whats with these fruity people rockin Fohawks and they cut there hair once a week and they never let it grow more than 2 inches.

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there was a discussion about this awhile back.
it really dosent bother me, i dont usually care about how people diced to dress or style there hair, they have there reasons and i have mine, and i dont expect people to be vocal about there oppnions on my hair,and i wont be vocal on others.

HOWEVER, i dont like it when the teenage jocks run around with there 'jock hawk' thinking there tuff shit, i had this discussion on the last topic with someone, im fine with team spirit and if your whole school does it, go for it, but doing it just to look tough is fucking stupid.

worst though is when they try and fit in with the 'real' hawks. funnest is when you see the fohawx walking and you look them striaght int he eye and you know there ashamed and they walk by staring at the ground.
I get pissed when i see people with faxhawks or jock hawks. Anyone who gets it to think they are cool and wanna be fashionable piss me off. It's so stupid.
I don't like that style of fauxhawk haircut in the attached image.

BTW, are you using 'fruity people' as a homophobic slur?

Superiority and arrogance are a problem for a lot of people - no matter if they have a 'hawk, fauxhawk, jock-hawk or not. It's mostly true for people trying to find their place in life or when they are insecure.

I've had people with 'normal' haircuts look down on me having a 'hawk before and I'm sure there's a lot more talk about it behind my back. =)

But I'm not any better or worse a person due solely to having a 'hawk - whether it's just re-growing in or at a high height.

IMHO, I respect someone just doing what they like for themselves. Not to fit in with a label or fashion; not to put others down; not to rebel just to wind ppl up (or trying to gain respect from others by being bad) - but to be who they are.
Fuck, every little kid in my town is getting one. Me and My friends went to the Dew Tour ( not much to do in BG ) and there were at least one-hundred of those muthafuckkas.


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