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whos to say who the fuck is punk or not. i do not call myself a punk although that may be what i am catergorized as. fuck labels! as far as i last checked i wasnt a genre of music. i listen to everyrhing, i wear all types of clothes and i do all kinds of different things.
it just really grinds my gears when people are like "thats lame" thats not punk" or "oh you're such a poser (not ditectly to me) "this bamds overrated and mainstream, therefore cant be punk.
punk - its bout the music, standing up for what you believe and not caring bout whos goimg to put you down, so what if everyone knows a band and its mainstream maybe theyre just a good fuckin band, music was meant to be heard not kept away from everyone just so you can be punk.
everyone cares too much bout not being like everyone else its making em be like everyone else, no ome can truly say theyre original because you got some idea from someone else and may have altered it but someones gunna get it from yoy, thats how this world works
im ranting but i just needed to let these views out, its sad when people need to be reminded what the purpose of something is or was.
punk is the power to change !

i live by this quote "as you were. i was. as i am. you will be" 
we as people influence each other and we as people influence change 
the only one we can judge, catergorize, and hate on is ourselves

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right there with you :)
of course we are entitled to opinions but we have seemed to have lost site in who we should be against
but thank you :)
Agreeed. :) I listen to punk, but I also listen to just about every other type of music. I'm a very political person, and I'm angry toward the government, but I also wear pink and have a peace sign around my neck...and a giant mohawk. As corny as it sounds, I'm just me.
i getchu stick to what yoi believe :) i admire that
i swear though this whole site pisses me off when all i see is what does and doesnt make you punk i wanna bash my head om the keyboard cos ppl telling other ppl what is and isnt something defes the whole movement 

fuuuckin aaaayyyye


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