Mohawks Rock

i think i do it so i don't blend in, 
to represent my musical tastes, 
when im doing it i find it very therapeutic,
and for a kind of 'tribe' mentality of being part of a global group.


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hahaha i love how you put that man
I'll put my simple answer first, for me, variety, taste, self expressiveness/originality/uniqueness, its fun, something of a representation towards my tastes in music, and of course, Form Follows Fucking Function!

Variety is the spice of life and for me, i like looking semi unique, i have a taste in style that follows the 'punk' or whatever, you know, but i still try pulling it in different directions, i have a dress coat thats purple and i have a button and a patch on the back, a sorta slow and easy way of putting a punky thing on a semi normal coat
i have my jeather jackette with patches and a few studs, which is just meish
i used to wear denim that had lotsa writing in sharpy, no patches, no studs, no nothin, i'd put trash like bottle caps, shiney things off the ground etc on it, and it had band names all over it, it was simple because it was original and expressive, i also wrote random facts about me on the sleave, like how i like cookies alot
Whenever i find a fitting denim jacket ima make a vest which will be my first and probably only time trying to mimic a general look with no original view in it, just a nica, simple, breazy denim vest with some band patches and some sort of anarchy thingy on back, most likely a custom drawn A on a brick wall created by a bodacious aspiring artist i know

When i dress in un-modified clothes that i havent wrote on or patched studded bleached or did something strange too, i feel like i'm not looking like myself, like i'm unfit, for some people its walking around in there pajamas, for me its regularness

so yeah haha nice long ramble about a rather simple question
i find it fun. and im always proud of myself when look in a dark window and see the reflection of that sweet new instant asshole patch i sewed on my jeans. it feels pretty cool i guess is what im saying. and the style of cloths, makes the people who think, "oh, look at that fag/emo/gay-lord," stay away from me. either because they are intimidated, wierded out, or scared to catch my scabies. just kidding about the scabies part. and it makes the kids who think, "those are some sweet fuckin jeans! and is that a dr. know patch i see?," want to be around me. it makes the assholes fuck off, and the cool kids come.
To make something as unique as the one wearing it.
To represent my musical tastes.
To represent my politics.
To be bold (because I'm actually quite shy).
'Cause i design costumes and love to wear stuff with flair <3
it's the best hobby I have. I just love it and it's so much fun :D
I customize mine because I still live with my mother and she HATES it when people look different from each other, so she insists on buying my clothing. Now, that's not as much of the case since she's never home and tends to forget a lot of things. So, I have a ton of boring clothing and band T-shirts that I no longer like. The only logical thing would to be pull them inside out and shred them to perfect. Studs and patches galore.

I also do it because I can spend hours on one jacket and not have to attempt sleeping. And I have too much time on my hands, so I might as well put in some of my creativity into my clothes.
We or I? I learned to sew out of necessity and everything I do to my clothes is for practical purposes I don't have time to waste on bullshit fashion statements from the seventys.
I customize my clothes because I like to... It's fun, easy, and enjoyable. I rarely have the time to do it though, unfortunately. I have a lot more projects than completed items
well its a fun way of expressing myself..i have a patch of isetmyself on fire on my jacket,studs on the collar and a belize flag on the back of my jacket..i want much more studs on it and shit but the fuckn studs cost 20bux for 100 studs thats a lot of money..but sofar the only place i can find studs are in soho manhattan,.ima do research maybe i can get a better deal. and are 2 places I know of
Ebay!! I fucking love ebay, I get all my patches and stuff from there.


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