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They're so expensive! Where i live they're like $80 to $120. Thats alot for a pair of boots. I got my boots from goodwill for 4 or 5 bucks and i've had them for 3 years. Do Docs stay together well, to me they look they'd fall apart like the sole would detach or something. I'd rather by a good pair of specialty work boots that are made to stay together.



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you wear plastic cloths too?
Most clothes sold in the US are made of polyester, so, yeah. Most of us here do. Cotton is also vegan, but depending where it's made it violates a lot of human rights...
Dang, gurl. :} I recycle..
Actually today i went to goodwill and ran acrost a pair of blue docs. I dont normally wear leather, but i do if i buy it in a thrift store. They are about 2 sizes too big but most of my boots are so i just stuffed some toilet tissue in the ends. I got em for 3 bucks, so ya know if they dont work out im not gonna lose any sleep over it. Just ogtta break 'em in.
I guess it's just the idea that they're what all the "classic punks" wore back in the days. I mean shit, look in any old album and you can see pics of Ramones and Subhumans and those old guys wearing them. I'll be totally honest: that's what sparked my initial interest in them. Gotta dress like your heroes, you know? But then I discovered how fucking comfortable these things are... more than enough for me to continue buying them.
the ramones didn't wear docs. they wore converse....
yeah and neither did the Subhumans. They were vehemently against 'punk' having a look
Whatevs. I was just throwing classic punk bands out there. I'm just trying to say you think of punk and combat boots come to mind.
I got mine for £15 brand new, I wanted a pair because I liked all the colours they came in and just generally like boots, didn't really HAVE to be docs, but when i came across them for £15 it was too much of a bargain! I've had them for about 8 months now and they're so comfy.
Found my Docs at a thrift store for 15 bucks. Most Docs that you find first hand are crappy, overpriced, fashion boots because that's what Doc. Marten has been shifting toward over the past few (like 20) years. I love my Docs because they are the old type and pre worn in. Nevermind how inexpensive they were. They are the most durable, comfortable thing I have ever owned.
If anyone is looking for some, I got mine off ebay for £22 which is about $34 (:
remind me not to go to that person for a music question...


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