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They're so expensive! Where i live they're like $80 to $120. Thats alot for a pair of boots. I got my boots from goodwill for 4 or 5 bucks and i've had them for 3 years. Do Docs stay together well, to me they look they'd fall apart like the sole would detach or something. I'd rather by a good pair of specialty work boots that are made to stay together.



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My Doc's that i have i got 1/2 off of since i had problems with their patented leather ones but since then i have walked over 200 miles in my boots and they have not fallen apart one little bit =) they are worth the money. My pair would of costed my 150$ if i hadnt of had many problems with the patented leather (the nice black shiny ones) instead i have the Triumph boots by the brand. they are SUPER comfy AND have a flannel lining.

i got my docs around a year and a month ago. never once have they ever blistered or bruised or sored me. i payed $98 bucks for mine, their 14 eyelets. i couldnt find 14 eyes in my size anywhere except one website. if i went to boot world they would have all been to big. im a vegetarian but like i really dont mind wearing leather. i mean fuck, everyone else wears leather jackets, whats the difference in docs?

anywho, mine have yet to tear or fuck up. if i could wear a shoe/boot/sandal thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be docs. so comfortable.


i bought a pair for $120 assuming that they would lat me for 10 years or so. 2 months later, i stepped wrong, and literally half of the sole ripped off from my left boot. i had to glue it. and its all fucked up. give me your boots.

I only had docs once, then i stuck to grinders, they are way more hard wearing and long lasting ( always helps if you polish boots every once in a while unless you dont want em to last too long)  docs used to be made stronger till they started making them in korea or some place, thats what i read somewhere. grinders are way better in my opinion, anyone tried "undergrounds" yet? like grinders but cost a lot less lol

are soles on Grinders as flexible as doc martens? I've been looking at the Heralrd Burgendy Rub-Off ones for years, but the thick black soles make me think I'll end up walking like frankenstien.

I've been wearing the same Vintage 1914's for 6 years, other than minor cosmetics, they're still good as new, just that I outgrew em 4 years ago :_(

Yeah, there aren't many pictures of people actually wearing their Grinders on the site to show how they look size-wise and the soles.


I've always wondered about getting Grinders too, not tried "undergrounds" - hard to tell without real life pics - people here never seem to wear them for some reason in Scotland and they're not sold in the shops.

I want to point out 2 things; 1- not my video, 2- the person in the video seems to have a foot-fetish

They seem really stiff but look nice.

they're probably stiff because they're new, I can hear em squeak

I was looking into a pair of Grinders a few months back, but I was put off, 'cause some stock photo's looked different (not as good looking) than other pairs I'd seen in the past.


Just like DM's some pairs (and styles) are better shaped than others.  Trouble is, I've been stung before, ordering going on the brand name only and not finding out the different versions a company tends to make under that name.  Plus, you get wide variations in fitting and pot luck.

 holy balls are those like 24's or something?

oh yea those are new, if those babys were broken into



In the Florida heat, I don't think I could break in 600 eye leather boots with em ridin up my asshole and all


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