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They're so expensive! Where i live they're like $80 to $120. Thats alot for a pair of boots. I got my boots from goodwill for 4 or 5 bucks and i've had them for 3 years. Do Docs stay together well, to me they look they'd fall apart like the sole would detach or something. I'd rather by a good pair of specialty work boots that are made to stay together.



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hell, in the cali heat i dont think i would want that either

but, theres no lying they look cool.

but i'm gonna stick with my 14's

Or a boot fetish - not the only one around =) - I doubt it matters here.


Me personally, I prefer the 14 hole, maybe to 18 hole though never tried those.

LOL :)
These so remind me of imperial officers from Star Wars... does that make me a dork? lol

iv got grinders and pics of em on my page they are amazingly confy and iv had em for like 4 years now

not a single problem with em

idk but i usally wear off brand vans or converse....i look like a duck in boots/...i wear a 12

my boyfriend wears a 13/14 and he wears docs and they look awesome

your not very punk rock if you give a fuck =P

a size 12 boot? I'm a size 11 in shoes, and only wear a 9 in Doc Martens

Lol My boots are a size 11   when im a size 5 in girls rather funny people just always think i have unusually large feet.

these shoe sizes are confusing me T.T


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