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They're so expensive! Where i live they're like $80 to $120. Thats alot for a pair of boots. I got my boots from goodwill for 4 or 5 bucks and i've had them for 3 years. Do Docs stay together well, to me they look they'd fall apart like the sole would detach or something. I'd rather by a good pair of specialty work boots that are made to stay together.



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freedom and people and theyre bullshit rules got me into punk.

ii fucks with converse and vans...very comfy plus i wear tight pants and a size 12 in mens id look mad goofy wearing some boots but i do own a pair of combat boots and they are not as comfy as converses and off brand vans
i dont know about everybody but i do know its kinda like a signature look /uniform for the punkrock people

Igot mine cheap and secondhand off ebay, but they're basically new.

They only cost £22, when across the pond over here

brand new they're like £70+

I've never pay full price for them.


Also, I do know their wanted. My mate left here brand new £80 pair outside her tent at this festival,

and someone jacked them. Bad times!


 Last pair of Docs I owned really chaffed the shit out of my left heel. Upon investigation, I found the heel-patch material to the left boot is thicker than the one on the right.... How nice to find after trying to break them in for a few months..

 So, there are inconsistancys out there. Boots that are forign made usually -shrugs- dont know what to tell you..


 I just dropped over $530. for a pair of custom-made engineer boots... cos I can.. :"D...

I hate clunky boots on me and thus refuse to wear them. I look like a troll when I do becuase I am under 5 foot tall and am built like a old german woman. I don't need any extra bulk, lol On other people I think they are awesome. I about had a shitfit when I saw the docs in the hello kitty print. <3 But it's just not for me. 

And when it comes to the price, OMG screw that! I haven't paid more that 50 bucks for a pair of shoes in 10 years. I like my jimmy choo and christian louboutin vegan knock offs. Oh and iron fist high heels are the sex.


If I have to step out of my heels I am usually in my flat lace up leather riding boots ( for kicking butt at concerts or doing yard work etc. ) chucks or ballet flats ( for 'I am to drunk to wear these 5 and half inch heels right now' etc.)



i agree, i don't like chunky boots either. i love pumps, pretty much all my shoes are heels, i have one pair of boots, and 1 pair of flats, i dont have any sneakers. i don't even know how many heels i have.
yeah realllllllly comfy, i convinced my boyfriend to wear some after he said skate shoes were comfy, and he never takes em off now :)  the bouncy souls <3 currently have 2 pair (cos im poor) and iv worn the shit out of my blacks ( the soles all cracked... blahhh) and got oxbloods for xmas.

I personally don't really like my Martins...but then again they are only an 8 eye.

But they were also my first pair of none winter boots and at the time I loved them. Simply because I wasn't forced to chose between Converse or some brand of skate shoe (I was 12 or so when I got them btw). But since I've had them for so long the sole has been insanly work out. They're still fully in tact it's just mainly if I walk around in them for to long (not even a full day!) the back of my feet like the heel (not the ankle but the heel) beging to hurt soooo horribly.

But really if you can protect and ploish and what not your boots will last forever, and if the sole does begin to rip them just take them in to get them fixed...simple as that. I mean that's what I did with my TUK boots when I had them and they lasted (that is until the cheap man made "leather" began to rip).

Personally i dont think it matters its down to what you like and how they look.most well made boots are expensive but you get what you pay for at the end of the day i like Demonia riot laces zips and buckles :)....

I'm still not a doc. But The reason is aesthetic Simply want a taste of his boot from the model and color and I see no problem in paying dearly for the boot if I work so I think it would be wrong to ask my mom But I'm working much to buy one and save money for this because I Also Have Other bills to pay
I've went off the standard DM and the workboot style versions, but the original style with steel toecaps look a lot better (to me).  Price-wise, I might buy a pair one day, but not without a good reason for them.


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