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I've been lurking around this site for months now and think that this topic could be interesting, considering that there are quite a few people here who want to rock this awesome hairstyle but, for some reason or another, can't.

My reason is sort of a tl; dr, really, so please don't let the big text bellow spook you off, I'd like to read some of your stories and rants. :)

OK, I've been looking at a lot of pictures and trying one thing or another with my hair to see what it would look like on my head. I think it would be awesome, especially when worn down. It could also boost my confidence with a good feeling about my looks. But the problem is my mother. Should I ever mention a Mohawk, her voice changes, she gets all upset, angry, even worried - like if I said I wanted to do something absolutely horrible to myself just to make my life miserable. In an argument, she even told me I shouldn't punish myself like that, didn't wanna believe me that I find Mohawks good. She won't even look at pictures (I've been careful enough not to show any pictures of people with piercings or tattoos since the prick in her can't stand those, either) - looks away as if I've shown her something utterly disgusting. Not to forget her manipulating me with the feeling of guilt (she makes me feel guilty for wanting a Mohawk because she gets upset and doesn't feel well when I simply mention it) and trying to make me fear getting a Mohawk because it could get me beaten up or something (which is bullshit, I don't go to any dangerous places and if somebody wants to pick a fight, they'll easily find any other reason possible), because people are gonna judge me and blah blah blah... not that I really care about that part. She also said that Mohawks are for guys, which is an invitation to my angry anti-ladylike self to just fucking do it and endure a lot of drama later. Anyone here got any ideas? :/ Thing is, she's otherwise an awesome mother and a good person, we come along nicely. I don't want to hurt her. But I'm starting to feel a lot of anger gathering up towards myself for not being myself and towards her for being such a bitch about my very own personal goddamn hair... 

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Just get one. And if she doesn't like it, too fucking bad.
It's what I did, and my mom doesn't even mind it so much anymore.
Me too, I went for it, Mum just accepted it. Especially after she saw how hurt I was when she once said "When are you going to be normal again?".
Same situation here, except mine said "You're gonna be a GIRL with a mohawk, as if your bright red hair wasn't abnormal enough."
She saw I was about ready to kill her there so she just went with it.
Lol my mother had a problem with my mohawk (when I had one) as well. She just yelled and said it looked dumb, but I didnt care. My job allowed me to have it but I couldn't have it up when I was on the clock. Everything was fine until the old biddys I worked with at walmart started talking shit in the breakroom and calling the anti theft gaurd guys to start stalking me when I was on or off the clock (having a mohawk automatically makes you a thief or a thug where I come from). Unless you are the preppy all american football playing boy who sports one of those "landing strip" douchehawks you will get shit.

I happen to think (like most guys here on this site) that girls with mohawks are beautiful. If your mom rants and raves about how it's "only for guys" and you are "punishing yourself" I read into what she's saying as "my daughter wants to look like a lesbian" and "she's punishing me" by getting the hairstyle. Goddammit its just hair! You learn to read into parent language after awhile. My father at one point came right out and said that I shouldn't wear punk clothing etc when I am with him in public.

Do you pay for haircuts yourself? If so then she has no room to complain. When and if you do get one try to reach a middle ground. For example, don't go home with one that is 7 inches tall with your sides shaved bald (she will hate that for sure) instead have your stylist cut the sides of your hair short but not so short that one can see your scalp, and leave the middle part at around 4 or 5 inches max. This gives you the mohawk you want, and lets her know that her definition of the haircut itself may be a little skewed. After awhile of seeing you with it, she may just not even notice it anymore.

Note: People WILL say dumb shit about your hair, people WILL come up to you and invade your personal space by touching it without asking, and people WILL be exremely judgemental of you for your mohawk. If none of this bothers you and or you have great combacks or a scary demeanor then I say go for it!

About me and my experiences with the mohawk: I haven't had one in over a year because I became a SHARP skin and I just shave my head all over. You'd be suprised how much more it fucks with people than my mohawk did lol.
Thank you for the long reply. :)
You're probably right about the whole parents thing... she actually did tell me that she doesn't want people to think that her and my dad don't care about me. Wtf, it's hair! I doubt she would throw me out about such a thing, though, but could get sick from being worried all the time. She kinda keeps me under control with that. I hate the guilt and she knows how to produce some. Btw, I do have enough money to get it done in a hair salon; I've even got clippers at home (for re-cutting the sides once it's done). Doing it in smaller steps should help, but it's probably gonna have to wait a few months because my hair is only about 2 inches long right now - it would be difficult to adjust the sides without making them too short, it seems. I'm also kinda used to people giving me shit about my looks, it mostly makes me laugh about how uncreative they are.

Shit, I'm 19 years old and let my mother decide what hairstyle I can't have. Time to "man up", dammit!
oh believe me I know of guilt, I went to baptist school for alot of my school career lol now I swear like a sailor, drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney. The guilt ends up doin more harm than good in the end. Parents tried the same thing and they just get over it, I am 22 and they just now started to accept the fact I smoke. I buy my own clothes and give myself my own haircuts so for the most part they don't complain about that anymore but it never fails that they find SOMETHING to complain about lol after all they are your parents and like to remember you when you were little and easier to manage. Like a couple people on this thread have already said they should love you no matter what your hair looks like.

As for the dumbasses who like to ridicule your hairstyle, choice of clothing etc., yeah the insults aren't very creative at all. What bothered me most was the touching. I would expect that out of an intrigued 5 year old, thats fine they're just curious, but middle aged men and women coming up and touching my head, this bothers me. I ask them why the fuck are you touching me? They say why did you get your hair cut like that if you didn't want people to touch it? I say that I wasn't aware that this haircut had a WARNING STRANGE IDIOTS MAY TOUCH YOU disclaimer. I also ask them if it would bother them if I cam up to them and touched their hair. They say well yeah thats just weird. I say my point exactly, flip them off, and go on my merry way.

Bottom line don't let the guilt or morons bring you down. If its who you are it won't matter.
When I asked my dad if I could get a Mohawk he told me he would kick me out and blah blah whatever. But I wanted one so I got one. He didn't kick me out and after a week of not speaking to me, a month of dirty looks, and several months of teasing he got over it. He realized that it didn't change me and it made me happy and he, and the rest of my family, now loves it. He even shaved my head for me a few times :p
Moral of the story : if it's something you want then do it! Your mother will eventually learn to live with it and maybe even be a lesson for her to not judge people so harshly like it was for my daddy
your mum doesnt want you to get a mohawk? thats one of the best reasons to get a mohawk ive heard :P
seconding this notion
My mother was the same way.But if you really want it like you say then dont let anything or anyone hold you back from being yourself.Yes she wont like it at first but she will still love you all the same.She will have to get use to it,and she will eventually.
Its kinda a big change. But like the major gravity surrounding the original premise attracts many. So like, punk rock in its entirety not just ONE hairstyle.


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