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So, right now i'm wasted again, and once again I come back to this topic - why does living with the pop culture makes you soft? I study the law, I live in a dorm, I have a girlfriend that's poor, but still is into some fashion shit and pop stuff, like she listents to shitty "One Republic." My roommates are from the country, and I am too in a way, but that's not the point. My point is -  why the fuck I have become so soft. i don't feel the anger as I did before, I rarely yell FUCK YOU to the things I hate. OK, I study the law, I do somehow understand it in theory, though I never did before. But why the hell I have stopped hating? What's wrong with me? :D

That's just my thoughts, hope it made some sense. And sorry for my english, kinda really wasted right now, though probably it won't be better when I sober up. :)


Thanks if you red this, Kocii.

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You're growing up.. Your getting more mature. You can hate things without being vulgar, you are open to more things, etc. Congratulations on becoming an adult :p
on one hand I could agree with you, I'm just growing up. But on second hand I have my own strong beliefs about the world, and actually like to be vulgar, sand say openly what I think of things, not trying to be poite(not trying to say something to offend someone, I don't know how to say it right), just being honest. Besides vulgarity draws away people you don't like, like if you swear openly, the people that annoy you - the mohawk/looks people don't come near you.

I hope you get what I mean. :)

By the way I don't really remember making this thread, :D
Being honest and opinionated has nothing to do with being vulgar! I understand what your saying but the two don't have anything to do with eachother. Being super vulgar is something most people grow out of, you change as you get older.. Its normal.

eh youre growing used to it but i hate pop and shit like that as much as you do

I really hate pop music, though theres a -1 for me, when I hear somewhere that there's a now popular pop shit, I roughly saying go and check it out, just to critisyse it. ;/


 You've been effectively desensitized by means of frequent exposure. And studying law where you might learn more efficiant ways of expressing yourself probably doesnt help either.


 Next thing you know, you'll exclaim  "I say, must you blast that drivel in my presence? banish thee at once!"


 ..bobs yer uncle..

The odd thing is, that gentlemanly speech quote is actually more effective (and memorable) than the title!  Ah, desensitization...too many people using swear words for every occasion.  They're losing their strength and meaning.  Now just mere curiosity.


Perhaps a good thing - allows reasoning to control your arguments - which is much more effective long-term in persuading people with valid points.  @kocii, just make sure your logic is not twisted by hate or apathy. =]  You can do more good with sense than senseless.

Youre right about the desensision, but that'x why I try to get to some shows, to take off the effect. Though quite frequently I haven't been to any shows.

Thanks for the opinon mate! :)
Youre right about the desantitation, but that's why I try to get to some shows, to take off the effect. Though quite frequently I haven't been to any shows.

I translated the text in human language. :D
hands up if you thought the title was a command.
..or a plea of withdrawl..


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