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So, right now i'm wasted again, and once again I come back to this topic - why does living with the pop culture makes you soft? I study the law, I live in a dorm, I have a girlfriend that's poor, but still is into some fashion shit and pop stuff, like she listents to shitty "One Republic." My roommates are from the country, and I am too in a way, but that's not the point. My point is -  why the fuck I have become so soft. i don't feel the anger as I did before, I rarely yell FUCK YOU to the things I hate. OK, I study the law, I do somehow understand it in theory, though I never did before. But why the hell I have stopped hating? What's wrong with me? :D

That's just my thoughts, hope it made some sense. And sorry for my english, kinda really wasted right now, though probably it won't be better when I sober up. :)


Thanks if you red this, Kocii.

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I kinda thought "a thread about hating dudes ??? "



I'll change the tittle to something more.. decent!
Much better.
Haha, thought the same thing. And as I saw it was Kocii's picture, I was like "Dude... you're a dude yourself, what the hell?" Haha.
Props for being shit faced.
you stopped hating because your exsperiencing love...Duh hahahaa
No ffreaking way, though she's a pop-girl, she understands my ways.. Though sometimes I do what I dislike, but I won't go against my beliefs, and she knows that( just like I don't like to dance, and though she likes to dance, she doesn't ask me to dance with her, cuz' she knows the only "dancing" I enjoy is a fucking moshpit!)
you're just mellowing. . . nothing wrong with being mellow.
Damn Kocii, you don't have to tell us you're wasted, you're shit faced 24/7, haha.
I find myself not being as aggressive anymore. When you get twats and jocks in the pit, I don't pick fights with them anymore when they're pushing around kids and being all macho. I was at a show two nights ago, and this ass kept trying to put his arm around me in the pit even after I kept telling him to fuck off. I finally hit the ground and smashed my new Gogol Bordello CD (which I haven't even listened to yet). Instead of flipping shit and letting stars fly... I walked away. I don't know what's going on either.
Im starting to get soft, and im fucking sick of it. Im going to start rebeling again and dont listen to the dumb fuckers on here, except for maby one of them, there just making you softer. Just rebel. Dont take shit.


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