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Has anyone tried those wild contact lenses from Clearly Contacts....such as the tiger eye ones or the cats eye ones? I was thinking of trying a pair for Halloween. Any bad things about them? 

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So I ordered a pair of the white and black "The Ring" contacts for Halloween. Will let you know how they work out. Still waiting for someone that has tried these to comment on them.......

I've never tried them.  I think just like normal contacts, it's a case of not keeping them in while sleeping, etc.  So, don't get drunk and pass out on Hallowe'en! haha


How much were they?  And don't forget to upload a pic of them in too!

They were $24.00 each Canadian.....I haven't got them yet...but I will upload a pic when I do. These should be easier to find if I lose one then clear regular

heh Very true! =]

I've tried a few different brands and never had a problem. Just make sure you have a contact case and a lot of solution.

I'm interested as well. Will you post the link to the site?

Ive never had to wear contacts/glasses so I have no clue how you would begin to care for them. What type of solution works best? And how long (days? weeks?) can you wear them? Do they expire? Is there a "size" chart?

The Site is They actually have an Ad p

The main thing about contacts is......CLEANLINESS!!!! You must wash your hands before handling them before putting them in and before taking them out! ...and NEVER, EVER, share them with anyone else.I am using the Baush & Lomb solution, but I don't really think the brand is as important as just using the solution is. You shouldn't wear contacts for more than about 8 hours a day. Contacts life varies.....if wearing them daily, then usually have a two week life span, with occasional use and handles with care, then can last up to 1 year. There is no "size" per say, they are rated on power, base curve, and diameter. If you don't wear contacts or glasses, then would use the ones rated with a power of 0.00. 

Theoretically, you should see your optometrist before using them, but in reality who does that??

For a good site on use and care of contacts, go to

For sure post a pic! I've always wanted to try them, but I have oblique astigmatisms and they don't make them to fit my eyes :( 

What the heck is that exactly?

it's when our eye isn't squished like this = or this ll but like this v


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