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i know theres probably a thread about this already but its starting to get freaking cold out and i was wondering if any one has found a way to keep their head warm and still have the hawk up?

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oh man - i buzzed it last night and it's 24 degrees and windy today...

needless to say, I kept it down today. I'm going to try that beanie idea

Hmm.... It can't  be too difficult to crochet a hat that would go around your head but not across your hair. Probably would have a button closure to make getting it on/off easier. This is a project that has been on the back burner for a while. Thanks for the reminder. I'll post pics if I find time to do this project this weekend.
yea get tha earmuffs that are designed to go around your neck, i got mine from walmart, also there are single ear muffs that sorta bend around each ear and stay pretty good.
I would like to refer you to Sarah Dahmer (a meber of this site) who has desinged and made her own mohwak hat consisting of two halves buckled together in between the spikes of a mohawk. It is quite effective
I'm used to the cold, so I don't get cold when I'm out and about lol


 I live in Alaska, I probably won't be doing any mohawk that day..

dudes, i have a snow cap that looks like a beanie with a mohawk ON IT!!!! like a 3 inch mohawk on the beanie made with extra material, and it fucking stays up!!! i got it for 18 bucks at a street vendor


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