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What are some good conditioning workouts for rollerskating or derby?


Any good sites or tips, etc?

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Derby girls <3 lovelovelove. You'd prob want to work your legs the most.. Running, biking, swimming is good on your whole body if you have bad joints. If you have any roller rinks in the area that would be good practice, or even just skate around the town. You can do weights if you have access to a gym. Good luck! Sounds fun ^.^
I love the kickboxing class at my gym. Its definitely a workout. I'm looking at doing some pilates and maybe crossfit.

There is actually a derby work out video made by the Heart Attacks just for derby training. I have not seen/used it, but it might be worth looking into.

I play derby and I work out with the team for 4 hours+ a week 2 days a week. On other days I run mostly to keep endurance/speed.

The more you can get on skates the better. That is really the best work out. When you are on skates try "duck squats" (bending all the way down, then back up), skating on one leg (for balance and strength), "snow plows" (moving only by using your inner thigh muscles, bringing your legs in and out), and skating backwards.

Its amazing when you are blocking and as soon as the jammers whittles blows turning around for the scrimmage. It freaks them the fuck out and is totally legal. Not only do you have full view to the jammer, but you avoid black blocking too.

I think I've heard of that dvd, but I'm so broke. Freaking college...

I would skate everywhere if I could. Its been snowing here in Reno though so that blows. The roller derby here invites newcomers for free for their first 3 practices. I'm totally down for that.


lol what they said, but goodluck, rollerderby is pretty cool
Spanks xD


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