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K I can't wait to get my mohawk but I also need to pay the bills (insert prostitute joke here)...My question to you is how do you wear your mohawk at work so as to avoid having to cut it off? I do sincerely want my mohawk and want to keep it so help will be much appreciated!!! **Other than wigs** Pix please!

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I'm self employed. Don't gotta worry about what other people think. But there are plenty of ways to style your hair so it doesn't look like you have a Mohawk if your hair is a little longer.You can part it down the middle and wear it down or pull it into a low ponytail or pigtails. You can wear bandanas or hats. You just gotta play around with it and see what you like!
And because I'm really bored and you requested pics, here's some of mine :p
Styles with a little length on the sides

If your hawk is long and thick
SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks good girl :) now on those first ones, were your sides grown out or did you just comb the hawk that way?
I wasn't talking about CorpseQueen, some other person I've never seen/talked to before posted some weird advertisement about diamonds. I guess it was deleted.
I saw it, I knew you wernt talking to me :p

haha ok good :) <3 <3 <3

yeah it was some weird ad that was written by someone who obviously didn't speak english very well lol it was quite random. Had to read it a couple times just to figure out what it was even talking about

Yeah it was spam, they created tons of threads and none of them made sense. Stuffed with link to prob viruses or trying to get you to spend money on something or both.
Just comb it down. or u could just wear it up and hope for the best

i'm self employed as well, i usually pull it back into a pony tail or brush it to one side, or i'll french braid it or do victory rolls(pin up hair style) or just pull the top half back. mohawks are actually really versatile, if you leave the sides a few cm longer, rather than short buzzed like mine, its not that noticable and you just look like you have a cool haircut (but they dont know just HOW COOL!!) :D


i love curling and crimping my mohawk.

just experiment, i'm sure you'll find something you like.

My sides are completely buzzed and when I wear it down you can't tell I have a hawk at all! If you leave a little length on the sides it gives you a lot more ways to wear it up and keep it disguised though.

mhm!      sometimes i'll have my hair laying on one side and even then people will think i "got rid" of my mohawk. :P


Get a wig?


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