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K I can't wait to get my mohawk but I also need to pay the bills (insert prostitute joke here)...My question to you is how do you wear your mohawk at work so as to avoid having to cut it off? I do sincerely want my mohawk and want to keep it so help will be much appreciated!!! **Other than wigs** Pix please!

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i never worked b4 but id suggest getting a wide mohawk soo if you go to work you can just part it in the middle and let the hair down....i honestly cant picture myself with a job that discriminates on my fashon sense
I work at a family-owned vegetarian restaurant waiting tables.  I have had my mohawk for four years now and they never had any problems with it.  I would wear it up, down, have it colored every color of the rainbow and my bosses loved it.  They love my tattoos and piercings too.  You'd be surprised at how many businesses allow crazy hair and body modification. 

My crappy video


Click on the link above. I made a crappy video on this. Please ignore my manish voice or the fact I am awesome at saying the wrong words. I show a couple ways you can wear it.

my work doesnt care as well. tried to do crazy colors but it just killed my hair.
but i part it down the middle. put it in a pony tail. or do half pony tail with bangs to one side or both.
or flip it to one side as well. or wear a beanie and tuck it all under the hat. they wont let me spike it lol. it would prob scare the fuck out of some people.
Well, I wear it down most of the time, honestly. Its cold here 3/4 of the year. I wear it in ponytails, or pigtails, or pin it in a pomp more or less. But... I work in a highly professional field. I wear a wig most of the time, and retainers in my piercings. Really depends on the job and where it's at. If it is interpreting in a factory, I'll wear it down and split down the middle. When I worked in a school, I wore it down and had all of my piercings. They didn't care at all. Really it just depends. Guess it just depends on how much you like your hawk, as well as how much you like your job. For me, it's worth it. I'd rather wear a wig and get paid what I do, than get to wear it up and just make minimum wage.
I wear my mohawks also at work. its neat and stylish, but defo a hawk. And right now its coloured in red. I have my own company so I dont have to worry about dresscodes. And my clients like the way I look anyway

I just wear it down... ya know, to one side with my bangs all casual. Or I wear it in a pony tail.


well i just wear mine down at work. either parted down the middle (you can't even tell my sides are buzzed) or to one side. my hair is pretty long so sometimes i'll wear it in a ponytail and no one really cares. as long as you keep it a natural colour you probably wont have much trouble.

I work at £3.64 and hour, only time I got a pay rise was when the minimum wage went up, by 4p. hahaha

I handed out around 30 applications around cambridge (where i live) but they haters :/

I went to my interview with my hawk up and bright pink. but i also have a dozen face piercings. I won't work a job that won't let me be me. But i've worked in production and manufacturing for over 11 years now. If you work job now make sure you'll be able to keep it before shaving. when i wear mine down it's hard to even tell i even have a mohawk. Keep it longer and it's easier to hide when you need to. You'll be fine.


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