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K I can't wait to get my mohawk but I also need to pay the bills (insert prostitute joke here)...My question to you is how do you wear your mohawk at work so as to avoid having to cut it off? I do sincerely want my mohawk and want to keep it so help will be much appreciated!!! **Other than wigs** Pix please!

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I said other than a wig ^^^
Whoops, my bad! I got my own business (spellcheck said "bluishness") goin on, with me as the only employee at the moment. I cant imagine if you kept your hair a natural color that anybody would try to do anything
maybe you should talk to you boss and see what they say about it, but i am sure if you wore it down it would be fine. i am a stay at home mom so i really don't have to worry about it, but if i go somewhere that a fan wouldn't be apporpiate at, i wear mine down, and pinned back, or i wear it down and curly. sometimes i will put my extensions in and wear it all to one side, that way it looks like only one side of my head it shaved/buzzed.

do u have pix with it down/pinned back, etc?



pinned back

down and curled in front




I just cut mine into a hawk, and wear a hat at work, but the sides are cut with a 7/8"(#7) guard and the back is tapered in so I have no rat tail look with a ball cap on. Customers will never even notice unless I take my hat off. But we are guys, they are naturally coloured and 3-4" long, and dress code is slack, so nothing crazy.

where do you work? I guess another good question for this discussion would be what jobs let you have a mohawk/keep your piercings?
A lot of places are becoming more open to it, it can depend a lot on your specific manager.. If you get lucky they might like it and encourage It or you can be stuck with a total dick that won't have it. Your best bet is to just make it known when you apply that you have a Mohawk or plan on getting one. Places like hot topic and spencers usually encourage dyed hair and body mods. More and more places like target and walmart are allowing it. Sometimes small business are more laid back and less judgmental. Also most places will let you have piercings you just have to take them out while at work.

Inside Sales rep at a auto parts store, run by a family(not mine). But the parts store I worked at couple years ago was a alot bigger, and they wouldnt have allowed it.

I first did my mohawk for a fancy dress party.  It got good reactions there and so I decided to see what would happen when I went to work with it.  My thought was, if they don't like it I can shave it off/cut it out and no harm done - and the worst that can happen is that they send me home for the day.  As it happens, work absolutely loved it and no-body minded a bit.  I've been rocking the hawk for 10 years now and am now the graphics manager at a large, well known broadcasting company in London.  So it is possible to have a hawk and get on with a career.  In fact, people at work are disappointed if I turn up for work and it hasn't been styled into liberty spikes or a fan - they worry that I've cut it all off.
work at Target. They allow people to work there with mohawks, piercings, colored hair, and tats.


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