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What are your thoughts?  That is definitely a unique styling of a mohawk, and not nearly as hard as a true fanned mohawk or liberty spikes, but it is definitely unique, and interesting that Japan now has the record for tallest mohawk.

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Just curious, I'm new here and don't know all the terminology yet, so I'm wondering why people say this isn't a "real mohawk". I thought all it really had to be to qualify is, hair on top and down the back, shaved or really short on the sides. What would you call this guy's style? Where should I go to learn about different terminology and different kinds of hawks?

I guess you could say we're judging on our stereotypes of what makes a "real mohawk" or not. =)  Ironic, really.  I guess for me, this is more a hair spike - because it doesn't fan or have a fan of spikes - which I would associate with a mohawk.

I don't think there's any terminology for this style yet. 

Some types are: Fauxhawk; Frohawk; Liberty Spikes; Chelsea 'Hawk and Dreadhawk.   There's a great entry on them on the wiki here.

Ah okay, that makes sense. More about the style than the cut.

Thanks for the info on different types; I'll have fun checking them out!

You're welcome!  It was actually fun finding the info out myself! :D

I loved the mohawk hairstyle and glad to know that this is the tallest hairstyle of all. Congratulations for this record and keep it up.

World records don't interest me a great deal. Neither does arguing what mohawks are and how they should be and what is and isn't. Congrats to him. Life goes on.

now if he had five or six of them in liberty style that would be a great hawk , a uni hawk is not my thing but if it's your thing then thats all that matters -:)



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