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I never really liked mohawks until one of my best friends got one. She eventually let it even out because she couldn't afford to feed it, though, which is right about where I am. Right now I have long hair, and if I got a mohawk right now it would be about 15 inches. Only problem with that is that I have a 7-foot ceiling to my house. I've been wanting one for about 3 months now, and my friends (even her) tell me not to get one, so I'm torn. I want to do something different to this mess soon, but I'm not sure what. I figured that this place is about as unbiased a source as possible XD

So, boys and girls, should I become one of you?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my style is 1/4 metal and 3/4 90s alternative. I guess when you mix Offspring with Powerman5000 you get punk.

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Hell yes foo! Get a trim so it'll look badass and duck all around yur fuckin pad. Or liberty that motherfucker.
I was thinking liberty spikes. I was also thinking of getting a wheelchair or something to just cruise around in when I'm at home. I guess I could also just leave it down at home (probably wouldn't even notice any hair's missing anyway) and spike it at a friend's house or something when I go out.
hahaha getting a wheelchair to accommodate your hair. i think thats hillarious.
Eh, Grandma's old Rascal scooter could work, too. If not, it'd be really fucking hard. I'd be walking around with my knees bent AND my back hunched. That's probably my biggest issue besides my parents.
I would only suggest one as long as your boss is cool with it.
Or, if you are like me and still go to school, then... go for it.
Your scary.

And LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the "1/4 metal and 3/4 90's alternative!"

And another LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the "So, boys and girls, should I become one of you?"

But props on using appropriate grammar and spelling;D
who cares about grammer you cant even stand your mohawk up right without looking like a dirty super sayian (Dragon Ball Z reference for you people who dont know)
YOu could at least use an insult towerds me, I love DBZ how would that offend me in the least?
well if your not offended then dont be I dont honestly care whether or not i hurt your feelings you just need realize your on a website where punks reside and we dont hafta spell shit correctly and i can tell that mommy and your friends have been real cool to you and tell ya that you look so badass but really you just cant put up a damn mohawk xD i mean my bedhead picture of mine up looks 10x better than your gapped pulled all the way up hair does.
because it's punk as fuck to judge someone on how good their hair is and discuss it on the internet...
do it but cut your hair shorter for a starter mohawk trust me 1 foot of mohawk is hard enough to manage plus it starts to look too thinned out and not pulled together when its long i would sugget getting it down to like 6 inches and goin fucking wild =P


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