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you get banned from playing in Warped Tour if you have a show within 90 days of it

I was reading on another forum that playing a show 45 days prior and 45 days after Warped Tour gets you banned from playing in it again. 

Same for "Punk Rock Bowling," you get banned from playing in it if you play any time near the day of the event.

The reason why is that it takes business away from the events (PRB/ Warped)

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thats bullshit dude. let bands make money.

Makes me wanna form a band to follow Warped Tour to every city and play free shows across the street. Donations are accepted hehe.

Its confirmed by Warped Tour that they do this, and the rumor of Punk Rock Bowling doing this is just word-of-mouth, but the fact that there is a decrease in bands playing around the same time as PRB seems kinda fishy!

Wow. That is awful. I understand it, but shit...
I'm not going this year. Wayyy to expensive for not too many good bands. I'd rather wait 90 days haha.
Only been there twice. Emo kid mecca. Only had a fist full of people for Bad Religion!
Ive only been once. To the one in St. Pete. It was pretty awful. I broke my nose.
how did that happen and that must have been painful
Um, not really. Just in a pit.

Is that for exclusivity or something? absolute crap.

what do you mean by "exclusivity"?
so warped tour can say 'come see your favourite band on their only gig for 90 days'
Pretty much. Its to draw business away from local venues so people can pay $40 to sweat their nuts off in a parking lot with nothing but $3 bottled water, $6 beer (water), and $8 burgers


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