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This is probably up here somewhere but im interested
What are your favorite bands, im trying to get into more music...even though im into a lot
My top three are:
Metallica ( before they were overrated )
Iron Maiden

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I don't know much Anti-Flag yet but im definitely into their music
dont know any NOFX off the top of my head
and i like the old bands too
i just need a way to actually know the music...i cant listen to anything but cds right now and idk where to get any good ones
I got into Rancid and learned most of the words and songs but listening to And Out Come the Wolves repeatedly
I like Anti-Flag more than you.
My favorite bands in alphabetical order are,
Minor Threat
Bad Brains
Operation Ivy
Pretty much the whole hardcore era.
Not a fan of the older ones too much (sex Pistols)
And Crass, thats another good one.
Forgot some,

Against Me! (older stuff)
Dead Kennedys
Rise Against
Cock Sparrer
recommend any Transplant songs?
what are your favorite songs from Rancid 93 and Lets Go?
The Bottle is great, I have ...And Out Come the Wolves and im owrking on getting those two, then the others, his voice changed on Invincible but I still like it, just not as much, like Metallica. As for the Transplants, I don't like rap either but Diamonds and Guns is pretty good, at least while Tim sings.
I havent gotten to listening to his solo project yet, any recommendations?
some of the bands i love:
-The Adicts
-Bad Brains
-Black Flag
-Operation Ivy
-against me
-the casulties
-(1)choking victim
-(2)leftover crack
-(3)star fucking hipsters
----the above three are almsot the same band---
-the distillers(sellouts or not)
-Dropkick Murphys(been in the top three of my fav bands for 5+ years)
-Lower class brats
-social Distortion
-the specials
-7 seconds

lots of other GREAT bands out there, these are just some of my personal picks.
Personally I'm not really into the Punk genre but rather metal, grunge, industrial, and some bands that fit into a category all of their own.

My favorite bands are (from favorite to least):

1. Angelspit.
2. Jack Off Jill.
3. Marilyn Manson.
4. Nine Inch Nails.
5. Android Lust.
6. Slipknot.
7. My Ruin.
8. Lamb of God.
9. Arch Enemy.
Im really into metal too
mostly thrash
My favorites in no real order are:
Old Metallica
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
I fuckin love Slayer
Not a fan of any of those band personally; but its nice to see someone on here who listens to something other than punk (not that there's anything wrong with being into the punk scene.)
Fight Like Hell
One Way To Hell
One Way To Hell's a local band, but if your into stuff like lamb of god check out them out! -
I like Jerry's singing....not better than Danzig, but I like all the music
I'll check these out thanks


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