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mine would have to be between blatz, the gits, and the devotchkas.

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i would have to say probably Cock SParrer
etta james
ADHD or the toy dollz
It's either Iron Maiden, Bad Religion or Motorhead.
Link 80

the germs, sublime, star fucking hipsters, leftover crack, the restarts, or blackbird raum. i couldn't narrow it down past that

i also rather enjoy pat the bunny's bands

My Chemical Romance.

And I like me some Mindless Self Indulgence, as well.

stasr fucking hipsters and cheap sex :)
thats a good one too. and the virus before mike left.
loove starfucking hipsters sikk band

everyone has at least 3 or 4 soooo...

SNFU, Koffin kats annnnd Leftover Crack

OHHHH and The Circle Jerks (how the hell did i forget i got their fuckin lyrics tattooed on me!)

Rancid, Random Hand, The Filaments or Teenage Bottlerocket


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