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I myself and born rained and live in Newfoundland. I live in the capital city St. John's (If any of you happen to live here or close let me know.)
I did work/live in Toronto for a while the west end I know Etobicoke somewhat better then any other part of Toronto/around Toronto

Here is a picture I took while smoking a joint sitting on a cliff just outside the city maybe 5 min drive?
I can see this shit any day every day.

Mind you keep away from cliffs in winter/storms/high winds/Or if your a stupid cunt, you will fall, you will be pummeled against rocks, waves will sweep you under. If for some crazy reason you didn't die from the fall and the sharp pointy rocks you fell on. You will drown/freeze to death. Ah The Atlantic Ocean.

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Ottawa here.
Windsor love!!!
I live in Kahnawake, just outside Montreal....its a whole community of Mohawks, although not all wear the cut...its as great place to live, but it ain't perfect...

Regina born and Regina, I'm strong in the arms and thick in the head

I do make regular trips to Vancouver and Calgary though. A few months here and there :/


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