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A lot of visual stuff coming up so I figured why not open a topic for it!

Post all your amazing and wonderful works here for others to enjoy.

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i love to draw

Do you have a bigger resolution of that second one? It looks interesting but I would like to see a bigger version to see all the detail etc


Thank you for posting!
no, sorry. i painted them for an art exam and wasn't supposed to have a camera anyway and i tried to get it all in. but it's lichenstein style (the fist 2) and the last one is pencil, i loved it. i got an alright grade for them though, i'll try and track them down if i can
This made me chuckle =)

I am not completely sure if there is an exact statement that you aimed for with this but there is a scenario that brews in my head with it =p
theese are my graffiti's ive beenworking on at the moment ther on pieces of paper but they will be sppn on the wall in the skate park 1 is in memory of a good friend who was shot off his harley thats y i did it
i love the third to last one!!
i like that second one down wit teh guitars nd' such, really good
i can't draw
not my graffiti, only my photo


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