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Hey. So is it just the way im styling it, or my thick hair, or do death hawks not really stay as stong and last the distance like mohawks?

Im going to a festival this sunday and want to death hawk it but dont want it to go all small and crappy in a matter of hours... or less even!! Its going to be a hot sweaty day... any suggestions? =)

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mhh the longer i had mine up was 3 days

obiously it depends if you sleep or something

good luck with ur hawk

TONS OF HAIRSPRAY! i personally use aussie instant freeze, it lasts forever, and stays when you need it too.

they say the 80's killed the O-Zone with hairspray...i think it was

Haahaha i bet it was the deathrockers! sht i feel bad now lol. and thanks! ill have to try that aussie next time, i just bought tresseme freeze spray, hope it works out!=)

yes tresseme worked for my just as well as aqua net

get a small bottle of tresseme even 2 like the tiny ones just lift em their mega handy

Thanks guys ^.^ think ill defenitely need a small bottle to take with me for touch ups =)

no problem! hope it helps


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