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don't u hate it when u put up ur hawk n ur shoulder comes out of its socket

and ends up vering to the left, or ur hands are playin up so u can't put it up even tho u got an emence gig to go too


well maybe u don't but let us know what inguries and or difficulties uve had and how u hav over come them



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i have an autistic spectrum disorder called aspergers means i talk alot i seem strehnge even threatening to people that dont know me but i just be myself
Be yourself, no matter what label some other fucker (Pardon the profanity, I've been in a sweary mood today) tries to put on you! I personally don't see asperger's as a disorder. I see a person!

Love, Peace and Music.......Unclenib (The Knight of the "Soundtable")
sometimes i put my hawk up, and after that i remember that i am not wearing a shirt. Oh shit!!! Then i have to pul the shirt over my hawk, and it feels like my scalp is being ripped off, all for the love of the hawk
i'm always sitting down when i put my hawk up.
can't stand up for that long since i got that knee injury a few months back damned.
my shoulder is fucked up too ( same accident)
n my back is hurting 24/7.
but i don't care anymore n i got used to the pain. so still put my hawky up every time i want to !!! YAY
Ive got knee and shoulder injuries so it makes it kinda hard to put it up. but I still do
kinda leans sometimes though
I leave it up for like 3 days so I dont have to put it up too often


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